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Blue Ribbon SeasoningBlue Ribbon Seasoning is a family-owned seasoning company. Our “Original Blend” recipe was created by Grandpa Ryan.

It was affectionately known simply as Grandpa Ryan’s Seasoning.

The recipe for Blue Ribbon Seasoning was created in 1957 after years of experimentation by Grandpa in an effort to create the ONE PERFECT BLEND.

Kelly Ryan was a larger-than-life businessman, inventor, engineer (and an amazing chef) who owned multiple businesses throughout his life. One of which was a popular restaurant, made famous by the juicy prime rib it served to patrons on Friday and Saturday nights.

The prime rib was hand tied, seasoned with Grandpa’s secret seasoning blend and cooked rotisserie style for hours.

The prime rib was a hit…

And the seasoning has been a main staple in our family households for years, as we’ve come to love it on baked potatoes, roasted vegetables, eggs, popcorn, cottage cheese and anything else that could use a little flavor boost.

For 49 years, our family closely held the recipe for Grandpa Ryan’s Seasoning, only blending and giving jars away to close friends.

It finally became available to the public for the first time in 2006 as Blue Ribbon Seasoning.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Order a shaker or two… then grill up some steaks to try it.

More History About Kelly Ryan

Kelly RyanKelly Ryan was born in 1919 and grew up during the Great Depression. He dropped out of high school after 11th grade to make ends meet. He began collecting scrap iron and hauling it to scrap yards in Omaha, NE to make some money.

He also worked on a farm at the time for 75 cents a day.

After breaking his back in a workplace accident, he began tinkering with this or that in his garage. He built his first piece of machinery out of scrap iron.

It was a chain & flight elevator… that would later become a product sold by the thousands to farmers all over the USA.

In 1945, Kelly started Kelly Ryan Equipment company…

The company grew by grit and innovation of the course of many years. becoming one of the foremost farm machinery companies of its day.

Here’s a photo of a fleet of new trucks for the company’s salesmen back in the day.

Kelly Ryan


At one time Kelly Ryan Equipment employed over 400 people in the small town of Blair, Nebraska.

The company is still family owned today and ships farm equipment and heavy machinery all over the world.

In addition to running a manufacturing business, Kelly was a land developer, a newspaper publisher, and a restaurateur.

We love that last part the most.

And we think you will too!